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Douglas Christian Larsen on ImageKind galleries:



Art pieces created by the artist in Year 2013, with many homages and tributes to great entrepreneurs and artists. The wealth of the Optical Obsession art pieces cast in Virtual Shattered Glass, glowing in all the colors of the rainbow.


Beauty of the Gospel

Art pieces created by the artist to honor the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Yahshua Mashiach, featuring Messianic artwork and Scripture.


The Tolkster

A vast art adventure honoring John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, the Lord of the Lord of the Rings. The initial poster involved 6 months of painstaking endeavor (note: this is not a photographic manipulation, but an original masterpiece from scratch).


Optical Obsessions

Collection of involved pieces (each piece averaging more than 12 hours of intense concentration and focused artistry) 



Collection of dreamscape artwork, convoluted, magnificent, sometimes eerie, and motivational.


VSG Black and White

Optical Obsessions and Virtual Shattered Glass, nothing but black and white, and a few shades of gray.



Out-there artwork in many styles and imaginings, every one unique and most singular.


Cyrano de B.

Artwork project focused on the Prince of Poetry and Cantor of Chivalry, Cyrano Hercule Savinien de Bergerac.



Tribute artwork to great writers, poets, artists, and true individuals, featuring dates of birth and death, and motivational quotation.



Gallery featuring a few of the doodles of the artist Douglas Christian Larsen (a constant doodler).


Never Give Up

Inspired by the perseverance of Winston Churchill who famously said, including the word seven times: "Never, never, never, never, never, never, NEVER give up!"



The everyday miracle, the rainbow.


The Ten Commandments

Motivational 10 Commandments posters divided properly, with the Four Commanments devoted to Yahweh on the first tablet, and the six commandments devoted to "thy neighbor" on the second tablet.


Soldier On

Persistence, Perseverance, Never Giving Up, Soldiering on: Soldier On!



Moving from darkness into light. Renaissance means, literally "rebirth," or to "be born again." 



Exercise the gray matter. It is your job. It is your right. It is your blessing.


Visual Bible Studies (VBS)

High-end giclee artwork on fine museum-quality paper or long-lived canvas, artwork that teaches the Beauty of the Gospel.


Common Adventures

A sampling of plain old photography by Douglas Christian Larsen.



A gallery of tasty, lickable (or perhaps not) artwork.

The majestic white wolf cast in Virtual Shattered Glass, a true optical obsession.
homage to George R.R. Martin's fabulous Stark clan of Game of Thrones

More ImageKind Galleries:



A variety of painted mental explorations, freeflow brushwork, delving deep.



Glittering diamonds set in Virtual Shattered Glass panes.



Two- and three-panel Virtual Shattered Glass variety, set both in landscape and portrait.



Various works created in Year 2014.



Spirals and golden means, all created with straight lines (nary a curve in the mix!). Explosive bursts of color.

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