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Take the Rood Der, and cross over, through the Red Door.

You have been questioning reality. You look about at this "culture" — reality TV, advertisements, fashion, music, videos, science, religion, movies, politics — and it is becoming so obvious, that none of this is real, it is all fabricated, a prison pulled down over our eyes to keep us in this sleeping, zombie state.

Are we going crazy? Do the creators behind this ludicrous simulacra believe that we are cattle, sheep, mindless?

How much longer will we play along? How much longer before the questions begin to press us toward waking, toward stumbling in our dream world, jerking us awake?

Take the Rude Dare, cross over, and enter the Red Door.

Before it is too late, and the universe crumbles into darkness.

Rood Der, when the Abyss stares back. Take the rude dare, and cross over. Data is data. Enter the Red Door. Rood Der #DouglasChristianLarsen #SimulationHypothesis #SimulatedReality
Rood Der: Episode 01: Escape from Rand World

01 — Escape from Rand World.


The Viking Simulation Society is now the "Sky Valley" Group, and they are taking great precautions in making sure that no one knows that the Red Door is there, and ensuring—as much as humanly possible—that nothing else comes through the Red Door. They are taking the Rude Dare, and exploring a world not their own, on the far side of the Red Door.

02 — The Grab and Snatch.


Barney is out to cut a deal all on his lonesome, but he does not consider himself a looter. He is just a special case, and perhaps a tad brighter than his fantasy-embracing knucklehead brothers of the Red Door. But still, he has this strangest sensation that someone, or something, is following him, and what is that strange, crude, childlike symbol scratched into the door in the filthy alley?

Rood Der: Episode 02: The Grab & Snatch
Rood Der: Episode 03: Ethereal Medicine

03 — Ethereal Medicine.


Sometimes love is the best medicine. Frederic has not felt entirely well, not for quite some time, and he feels that now is the time to test the limits of the new world, and vows to enter that place, practically naked. Everything seems going right along with the plan, until he gets hijacked, by his own car. When you stare into the Abyss, don't be surprised if the Abyss stares back.

04 — Even at the Door.


Frances battles her sanity, every single step of the way, while Frederic fights to maintain all manner of bad things, making the journey from Crash House to Cross House. Up to this point, Frances has half-convinced herself that all of this was an elaborate joke, that perhaps there never has been a Red Door leading to another world. But now, things seem to be getting real.

Rood Der: Episode 04: Even at the Door
Rood Der: Episode 05: Eldritch Purgings

05 — Eldritch Purgings.

The boys, in pursuit of the renegade Viking Bigfoot, are in for a surprise, when they watch a classic black-and-white mad scientist flick starring none other than their friend Barney. And Frances must deal with sensory overload as she first opens her eyes on the other side of the Red Door, and must save Frederic from the terror that once lived inside his body.

06 — Barbarians and Bumblebees.


Joss Chen notices something insane in the sky while an oddly tattooed barbarian battles with containing his lust in a gentle society of bumblebees and Wee Folk, while a distant threat endangers the life of a Sky Valley Group member in a clash of confusion, mayhem, and possible murder. Life is beautiful through the Red Door, but it is possibly more dangerous than in any other world.

Rood Der: Episode 06: Barbarians & Bumblebees
Rood Der Episode 7 In or Out, or On the Fence

07 — In or Out, or On the Fence.


The group gathers at the New Jerusalem to compare weirdness notes, and a strange waitress with hypnotic green eyes might have some pressing advice for them, if they are brave enough to hear it. There is not much time left, and they must decide if they are in or out, because they cannot sit upon the fence much longer, because others are noticing, and the Red Door beckons

08 — Faerial Warfare.

Archbee Lady Celestaer must marshal the forces of the Air Defense as invading angry wasps sent by Malevolent, Emperor of Wasps, threaten the tribes, while Frances desperately covers Frederic's body with her own, shielding him from a rain of stings and death. The overwhelming enemy can suddenly become the savior, through the Red Door.

Rood Der Episode 08 Faerial Warfare
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