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Author and Artist, Douglas Christian Larsen is slave to writing but slips away for romance with visual art.


His artwork is intricately detailed and somewhat more than loopy, but everything he thinks and feels works its way into the symbology of line, and into the shades of colorful hue. Of late he has been immersed in creating his detailed "meditation labyrinths" and "optical obsessions," in color as well as black and white. But he also works pieces of "Virtual Shattered Glass," melding the power of words with all the color of the rainbows. An average piece consumes about eight hours of intense concentration, but a work such as "The Tolkster" cost the artist more than nine months of full-time effort.


Larsen's writing is complicated and far too labyrinthine for the average reader. His first novel, "Vanya Song," is yet in the works, and was begun at thirteen years of age. His published works are available in both hardback and paperback, as well as electronically on Barnes and Noble Nook and Apple iBooks, as well as Amazon Kindle.


Douglas Christian Larsen is the father of six children (and these by far have been his most artistic co-creations).


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Author and Artist
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