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What is Vestigial Surreality?

Vestigial—It is something that is probably no longer quite necessary, but that remains nonetheless. Perhaps there is no true reason for this Remnant to exist, perhaps it has no purpose, no seeming meaning. Yet it does exist, and it does have a purpose, although that purpose may yet remain hidden, for the time.

Surreality—It is surreal, it is there, intense, but odd, a bizarre sensation, a strange knowledge, real, but almost too real, as if an artist sketched it, or drew a somewhat too heavy line about it, just at the edges of your perception, it is there, but surreal. Déjà vu, you have experienced it, that feeling, that this has happened before, I have been here, experienced this before, perhaps many times, somehow, yet this is impossible. I know that this is impossible.

It is something you sense, Vestigial Surreality, that you somehow know, about the world, that things are just not quite right, not exactly how they should be. Things are not quite what they seem.

Reality, what a concept. Is life a puppet show and are we nothing but puppets? A hidden world all about us, angels and demons, or is what we can touch and sense all there is? And now, the Simulation Hypothesis plagues us. Could we really be living in a computer simulation?


Through the ages, the conundrum of Reality has messed with the collective consciousness of humanity. The Allegory of Plato's Cave, Descartes' Evil Demon, down through the ages to The Matrix.


A chance meeting in the park leads two strangers to discover strange connections between themselves and the world, and in truth both had felt that perhaps there was something not quite right with the world, something different. They have both noticed improbable coincidences popping up in their lives, at an almost alarming regularity, and now, meeting, they witness strange signs in the heavens, and find themselves on a bizarre path that will make them question their very reality, and the reality of the world about them, and the universe itself.

Data is data. There is no body.

vestigial surreality

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